Qosta – Elementor template kit

Let’s talk about clay

Who we are

Qosta has long been the standard for fine hand crafted ceramics. By blending clay with cutting-edge technology, Qosta delivers pottery to you how you want it.

What we are doing

We draw inspiration from traditional crafts and techniques, then create original designs using eco-friendly materials like glass, ceramics and more.

Qosta is committed to sustainable development, so our pottery is made from recycled materials like glass, ceramics and more.

A touch of clay

It’s about slowing down and enjoying quiet moments, savoring the little things.

Crafted from high-quality materials, Qosta Pottery is made to be loved, cherished, and passed down for generations. From our classic shapely mugs to our precious vases and ornaments, our pottery can be used daily and enjoyed with family and friends.

We live to create beautiful handmade pottery that we hope will be cherished and shared in the community. We seek to honor tradition while creating new designs that continue to inspire both us and our customers. We believe that when we do good work, it leads to better things – happier people, a stronger community, and a better world.

Now in studio

Qosta puts a creative spin on recycled pottery

Know more about us

We celebrate the art of studio pottery by being authentically handmade, from the moment the clay touches the wheel to when it arrives at your door.