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About us

Qosta: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

In the heart of the ceramics world, Qosta stands as a beacon of artistry and innovation. For generations, we’ve been crafting exquisite pottery that blends the timeless beauty of hand-thrown clay with the cutting-edge precision of modern technology.

Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future

Artisanal Tradition

At Qosta, we are deeply rooted in the tradition of handcrafted ceramics. We believe that pottery is an art form that has been passed down for generations, and we are committed to preserving its legacy. Our artisans are skilled in the art of hand-throwing, and they imbue each piece with their unique touch and artistry.

Innovation and Quality

While we value tradition, we also embrace innovation. We believe that cutting-edge technology can enhance the durability, functionality, and beauty of our pottery. We meticulously select the finest clays, and we use state-of-the-art glazes and firing techniques to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

Our mission is to preserve the art of pottery while embracing innovation to create timeless masterpieces that enrich your life.

Our team

Introducing the Masters of Clay

Maria Alvarez

Lead Ceramic Artisan

David Chen

Glaze Technician

Emily Garcia

Production Manager

James Sato

Lead Designer